Adaway APK V5.0.1 Download For Android – Latest Full version

Adaway is a popularly growing android app. It is used to block unnecessary ads from Android apps. Adaway searches all of the apps on your device.  It, then, finds the apps with the advertisement. You will have to root your Android device in order to use Adaway app. 

If you’re fed up with the unending advertisement, you should definitely use Adaway. You will be able to block adverts and browse faster. And this happens with lower data consumption. It allows users to create their own host files. One can remove ads not only from the browser but also from other apps and games. 

Download Adaway APK v5.0.1 For Android – Latest Version For FREE



AdAway apk is known to be the best ad blocker. It makes the best use of the host files. Such host files are found on the system files. Such files include a huge list of mappings. And these mappings are found between the IP addresses and the hostnames. 

After successful installation, the AdAway app can be used to remove ads. The user can remove ads even while playing games. The user can easily block ads while using other apps. After installation, the ad requests rejected automatically. You can download adaway app from the Xda Developers site.

Features of Adaway

1. It blocks Ads on websites:

The user can use AdAway application block different advertisements on the website. This blockage happens very quickly. All the ads that get displayed on the website while surfing the internet can be blocked. Alternatively you can download lucky patcher apk for Android.

2. It prepares a white list of websites:

This app has a feature of whitelisted websites. It means all the ads on the website will get displayed as earlier. The users can create their own white list of websites.

3. It has a responsive user interface:

No doubt, the user interface of AdAway app is very impressive. The user can use it easily without any difficulty. Also, it is available for free.  If you are very agitated because of unnecessary ads, you should use the ad-free interface.

4. It blocks video ads:

The user can also block the ad while watching. This feature makes this app very amazing and user-friendly. To avail this feature, one has to use the adaway app.

5. It selects host files:

This app offers a chance for users to choose their host files. Such host files are selected from their windows. The user can add their hostnames too. In short, the users can select as well as make their hostnames.

6. It blocks Ads for apps & games:

The users will be highly benefitted after utilizing this app. It is because it is full of advertisements. It is also used to block ads which arise in games and apps. You can also download & install Psiphon 3 to unblock websites.

The user gets highly impressed by this app. You should also use it if you want to get rid of unwanted ads. In order to use this app, you will have to root your phone. It has been developed in a very sober and functional manner. You will get control over your browsing experience. After successfully installing this app

  1. You can easily block irritating and unending advertisements.
  2. You can smoothly create whitelists of web pages.
  3. You can create your own blacklist.
  4. You can remove ads while playing and using games and apps respectively.


AdAway is a great ad remover application. It is available on all android devices. The user has to install AdAway to get rid of ads. Till date, it is the best app to deal with annoying ads. After installation, removal of such ads becomes very easy. It is very easier to use. It is a powerful tool which is worth using.